Helena Bommersheim

Before founding the firm, the HR expert worked for many years in senior sales and marketing positions at well-known media companies and also in management: she built up the Thalia Buchhaus Große Bleichen in Hamburg as its deputy store manager, before moving over to the sales and marketing department of Droemer Knaur. She later took over as manager of the international DuMont publishing company in Cologne. As a former Bertelsmann scholarship holder with periods in both London and the USA, she has built up a large international network, from which her clients today are able to benefit.

Further qualifications:

  • Qualified moderator (Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) certificate)
  • Qualified trainer (Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) certificate) and coach
  • Member of Motovun
  • Member of Zonta


Professional career and key stations:

  • 2003: Founding of Bommersheim Consulting
  • 6 years Managing Director DuMont monte
  • 10 years Sales and Marketing Manager Verlagsgruppe Droemer Knaur
  • 5 years Deputy Manager Thalia Buchhandlung – Grosse Bleichen, Hamburg
  • Bertelsmann Scholarship holder: Book trade and publishing tradaries as well as university education in London and in the USA
  • Apprenticeship as an assortment book dealer, change to Stern Verlag in Düsseldorf as the youngest executive